Paisaje Herrado

Paisaje Herrado sets the bull lovers’ eye on an endangered species: the cattleman. The episodes travel more than five hundred thousand hectares through the brave Spanish countryside to approach the main cattle raising from Spain. Twelve breeders of brave bulls tell us about their concerns and thoughts through a cinematic language.

A Journey to Colour: Marrakech

Through a women eyes and three other people we discover the amazing city of Marrakech and its world of colors.

The Feeling of the Wind

The documentary talks about the singularity of the relationship between tunas, wales and humans from Paleolithic to nowdays.

Lucas as Sara

In Habana, Cuba, Lucas has a psychedelic trip back into the 80’s after digesting the ashes of his mother.


Sira works in the night shift at the Morgen Brandt Museum and starts to feel a strange presence. Morgen Brandt, a German soprano, died many years ago in a fire at her home, where the museum is now placed. Sira is scared, she feels she is not alone.


A pair of care-worn hands drums a traditional Spanish rhythm on the table. What kind of a rhythm does the world follow today? Old rituals and modern life have long since merged and it’s extremely hard for young people to find their place in society. At 16, Simón, who sports a pierced eyebrow and a...


Three interwoven stories of teenage silence in a winter river as it flows by a small city.


A newly orphaned 16-year-old and a newly retired construction boss are unexpectedly thrown together.

Blue Blood Test

‘In 2014, a skeleton was found on the Valdellomar ski slopes, in the Pyrenees. Through its DNA, we discovered that it was that of an English aristocrat and we solved a scientific mystery that had shrouded a whole region in 1930.’

The Longest Way Heading Back Home

One morning Joel finds his wife’s dog Elvis half dead. This forces him out of home, something he has avoided for a long time. After forgetting his keys inside, he’ll spend the day desperately trying to get back into his flat, his shelter.

My mother’s tits

A young boy discovers he’s moms night job in a local bar as an exotic dancer so he decides to find the money to take her to Disney.

The Blue Knob

Juan y Soledad are trying to find a new house for their common future. At the same time, a peculiar old marriage are going to give away their home and move to a peaceful retire. They’re trying to find the best couple for their house. How are Juan and Soledad going to be the chosen...